mari berkenalan..

For an introduction, this is our family. our batch has 4 classes which is pkbm, pkpj1, pkpj2 and psv. Our family has 41 boys & 40 girls, sums to 80 of us.  Lets get to know all of them :

lets start with pkbm crews. There are 21 of them : 8 sweet girls & the rest are the boys. all of them are taking special education and Malay language course and physical education as their minor subject. 

tadaa! all of them are pkpj 1 crews. the class has 9 pretty girls & 11 boys. we are taking special education as our major subject and english language & physical education as our minor subject.

lets continue with this class which is pkpj2. they also have 20 crews : 11 cute girls & the rest are boys. the course they're taking is just like pkpj 1 which is special education and english + physical edu as our minor ones.

yeah..this is the most talented crews in arts. So call psv crews because they are taking arts for their major subject. The class has 20 artists : 12 talented girls & 8 boys.  

that's all for today. i'll update about all our projects soon! :)

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